Environment and people

Our employees are our most valuable resource and their security is our top priority.

Respect for the environment and people

Each of our employees takes care of safety and the protection of health within his or her own working environment and complies with the regulations concerning health and safety at work. The employees jointly ensure a safe working environment and that our products are safe.

Each person in management is required to instruct and support their employees in being aware of this responsibility.  Hazards are to be avoided by prudent behaviour with an awareness of safety and by looking ahead. Deficiencies in safety at work are be reported at once by the responsible manager. We expect from our suppliers that they comply with the relevant applicable regulations concerning safety at work.

Natural resources are the basis of life for all of us. Our mission statement is to protect these resources in the course of our day to day work and to reduce the consumption of energy, water, raw materials and operating materials.

With regard to DIN EN ISO 14001, part of our corporate policy is to comply with the regulations and laws concerning protection of the environment and to constantly improve ourselves in this area.