Stamping and shaping technology

Steel is a strong partner at the side of customers in many branches of industry, from the automotive industry to medical technology to environmental, solar and photovoltaic technology.

The mould is the basis

High-precision shaping technology, stamping technology and joining technology require powerful production units and machines. Steel is perfectly set up for this. Using complex progressive dies and transfer dies, demanding stamped, drawn and bent parts are manufactured to the highest standards in production.

A servo press and various types of hydraulic, lever and eccentric presses are available for all kinds of requirements. Small production runs are handled with special insertion presses.

Automation that is integrated into the process, from embossing through thread forming through to the shaping of screws, nuts, sleeves and bearing elements further increases efficiency.

Special cleaning procedures and forms of surface coatings ensure technical cleanliness. The occurrence of particles is made visible and minimised right from the beginning through a process monitoring system.


Automatic stamping and shaping machinery

Press force (kN)

Die size (max. in mm)

Strip width (max. in mm)

Strip thickness (max. in mm)

up to 3,000

1,960 x 1,100



3,000 x 5,000

2,800 x 1,400



5,000 x 8,000

3,650 x 2,000



8,000 x 10,000

4,000 x 1,800



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